OtterWise Changelog

# 2024-07-13


  • Added option to exclude certain branches from leaderboard stats, per repository, so that stagin->main PRs are not counted towards it.

# 2024-07-12


# 2024-07-10


  • Added ability to opt into in-app code viewer on org. level

# 2024-04-14


  • Added optional Weekly Digests by e-mail, which will send you a mail every week containing changes to organizations you are a member of, such as coverage change and activity. You can opt-in from the settings page in top right corner when logged in to OtterWise.

# 2024-04-13


  • User management: Per popular request we added ability to disable upload access for individual users on the organization level.

  • UI: Added a organization selector in the main dashboard page, enabling quick filtering and overview of how many private repositories are enabled for each organization.

# 2024-04-08


  • UI: Added filter for repository privacy setting (all, public, private) to find relevant repositories faster.

# 2024-02-10


  • Bash Uploader: Performance improvements for large repositories.

  • Bash Uploader: Automated detection of Pest PHP Type Coverage file (pest-type-coverage.json).

# 2023-12-26


# 2023-10-06


  • Author Matching: Added GitHub web-flow bot to ignored authors.

  • PR Comments: Table for files with reduced coverage now uses PR number for heading instead of branch name, for better readability on smaller screens.

# 2023-10-06


  • Reporting: Calendar UI now have tooltips and mobile support!

# 2023-10-01


  • Reporting: The Organization reports tab is now in open beta. See stats like overall coverage change for all branches, GitHub-like graph of days without coverage decrease, how many merged Pull Requests and more.

# 2023-09-28


  • Pull Requests: It is now optional if you want the graph to only contain merge commits, or the entire commit history on a branch. This greatly cleans up the chart when working with long-lived feature branches.

# 2023-09-24


  • Leaderboard: Date range is now fixed to 1 month, showing last month (to always show a complete dataset).

  • Leaderboard: PR Base branches can now be filtered per repository, for organizations has staging branches and similar workflows, to keep attribution accurate.

# 2023-09-20

Leaderboards v0.5

We have added 3 new categories to our leaderboards, now they cover the following:

  • Most PRs with increased coverage
  • Most PRs with increased coverage vs decreased coverage (created more positive than negative PRs)
  • Most average patch coverage
  • Most increase in coverage
  • Most removal of uncovered code
  • Most new covered code

Keep in mind the leaderboards are still in beta and pending feedback from our users. They can also be disabled for the organization, and toggled to viewable only by organization admins. They are visible to everyone in the organization by default.

# 2023-09-19


  • Revamped Commit authoring logic to use e-mails as fallback instead of name. This comes after numerous reports of teams with employees committing locally with their first name or an alias, and their GitHub name being something else, causing same user to have multiple author connections. Should GitHub support getting commit (and author) info through the API without access to code one day, we will switch to that immediately.

  • Commit list (BETA) now uses author avatar from GitHub, instead of always using

  • Your logged in session will now last up to 9 hours (up from 2), to prevent having to log in multiple times during the span of a work day.

# 2023-09-07


  • Bash Uploader: Added support for uploading Mutation testing files. Currently we do not track mutation coverage, this will be used in an upcoming release. You can however start uploading it now, and once we release mutation coverage tracking, it will use all previous uploads. Usage: Add this to your OtterWise bash uploader parameters --mutation-file [PATH]. It will later be documented in our setup instructions and documentation.

# 2023-09-03


  • Bash Uploader: Added support for a .otterwise.yml config file. In an upcoming release we will document usage. This file will be entirely optional, and all configuration will also be accessible from the settings page.

  • Pull Requests Page: Made draft state icon color lighter to differenciate easier from open state icon.


  • Fixed PR comment 'Files with reduced coverage' occassionally reporting wrong files if coverage was the same, but only lines/covered lines changed.

  • Pull Requests Page: Fixed state icons occassionally being blurry.

# 2023-08-31


  • Fixed coverage data transfer for merge commits, when merging across multiple branches (example: feature-branch -> development -> staging -> main), and having CI runs complete after merge.

# 2023-08-28


  • PR Comments: Short-SHAs are now included in warning messages to better help explain and diagnose issues, such as PR base being different from PR base branch.

# 2023-08-26


  • Shareable coverage badges now have configurable colors, instead of static levels. Previously it would for example be red for coverage <= 10, and orange <= 20. Now these values can be adjusted per repository, according to your organization needs.

  • Shareable coverage badges can now have different cache duration, instead of a fixed 10 minutes. By passing in &cache-seconds=VALUE, you can have the badges updated more often (or less often). Minimum value is 60 seconds.

  • Bash Uploader: Added more paths for detecting JUnit log files.

# 2023-08-20


  • Added commit list inside OtterWise (in-app), for coverage on commits without a PR associated (As this is a WIP, it can be enabled in Feature Preview, top right corner)

  • Bash Uploader: Added support for uploading test framework log files (JUnit), which can later be used to report slow tests and more. Privacy Notice: we do not strip code from these files. Generally they only include test names. If this is a concern to you, please reach out to our support.

  • Added coverage progress bar to repository list in dashboard

  • Made in-app coverage badges less visually harsh and easier to distinguish with varius color blindness

  • Changed coverage graph to start from first entry, instead of fixed 3/12 months back

# 2023-08-19

Removed all access to code on private repositories.

This is an extensive change to our platform, which means changing OAuth scopes, our ingress API and upload script, as well as how we retrieve data. You can read more about this change on our blog: The Importance of Code Privacy.


  • Made coverage files downloadable from inside OtterWise

  • Added support for GitHub annotations to display per-line coverage misses


  • Fixed commit author occassionally being set to organization of repository, instead of Pull Request author

# 2023-07-03


  • Fixed ingress of pushes (not Pull Requests) from GitHub Actions

# 2023-07-02


  • Added option to switch branch for shareable coverage badges

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